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The Fitmin Lifetime nutritional programme for horses is derived from the overall brand philosophy, which is based on providing the animals only with what they need.  We offer a comprehensive and high quality range of complete feed and supplements for horses, in order to cover all needs during the full life cycle of a horse, and  a range of solutions for common dietic horse problems.

For a lifetime of your horse, from birth to old age.

The programme consists of 5 different product categories:

• Extruded food – with a high nutritional value in a small daily ration
• Granulated food – traditional food for all horses
• Mineral and mineral-vitamin supplements – an important part of every well-structured diet
Solution supplements – natural solutions to health and dietary problems through suitable food
• Treats – with vitamins C and E and biotin

The products were enriched with a special complex of biologically active substances, important for maintaining the horse’s overall health, concentrated in a special Fitmin Factor formula . Fitmin Faktor supports the overall physical condition of the horse, the digestive system, strengthens immunity, alleviates the symptoms of aging and thus helps to extend the full life of horses.

Other benefits of the series:

  • Chelates 
  • Nucleotides  
  • Mycotoxin binder 
  • Live yeast 
  • Saccharomyces Y
  • ucca shidigera 
  • A complex of antioxidants 
  • Omega 3 MK. 

Sample feed rations for different categories of horses can be found on the Nutrition Consultant online EXPERT . The Fitmin equine nutrition program was created in collaboration with Kentucky Equine Research in the USA , and is also guaranteed by its globally recognized experts.

Services and consulting 

Fitmin nutrition specialists offer high-quality advice in all areas of nutrition. Customers can contact them by phone, email or through the help desk. Specialists in horse nutrition also offer the possibility of consultation directly in the stable, including the compilation of a daily feed ration according to the individual needs of the horses. Based on the results of analyzes of bulk feed, based on the breed, age, weight, category and use of the horse, they will propose an optimal feed dose with a balanced ratio of mineral substances and the addition of necessary microelements and vitamins.

Custom production of mineral-vitamin supplements.

On the basis of specific needs and special requirements, we will produce an original mineral vitamin supplement or granulated feed mixture according to the current standards for horse nutrients, prepared by Kentucky Equine Research.

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