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Fitmin Purity Cat

Are you looking for natural and honest food for your cat made from fresh meat, full of the best ingredients, herbs and fruits, without unnecessary additives? Then the Fitmin Purity Holistic Cat Food range is the ideal solution for you. These are first-class super premium cat foods that your pet is sure to fall in love with. We know that cats have different tastes, so we have prepared with a team of nutrition specialists  9 different recipes that carefully combine ingredients so that the whole range contributes to a full and happy life for cats from kittens to seniors. During the development, we focused on the food from the point of view of the cat as a carnivorous animal, for which the natural source of food is mainly animal raw materials and especially meat . That’s why we put honest fresh meat in the cat kibble , which will not only give the food taste, but will also enrich it with the necessary nutrients.

Cat foods come in a variety of meats –  fish, beef, fish, beef, turkey, chicken, venison, lamb and rabbit – so there’s really plenty to choose from.

In addition to meat, we have also used the beneficial effects of fruit (gooseberry, blackcurrant, blueberries or cranberries) and vegetables in the recipes of cat granules due to the variety of the diet, natural sources of minerals and vitamins. All this has positive effects on the animal’s organism. Granule recipes for cats are further enriched with the so-called Herbs Vitality Complex, i.e. a harmoniously balanced mixture of herbs, which is aimed at supporting digestion and detoxifying the entire organism, thanks to which it supports the overall vitality of the cat’s organism.

The super-premium range of Fitmin Purity cat food also meets the high demands of breeders because it is so-called grain free. This means that it does not contain any cereals or potential allergens (wheat gluten, corn gluten). Instead of cereals, we used peas and potatoes, thanks to which the glycaemic index of the feed is positively reduced, thereby reducing the animal’s risk of obesity.

  • High proportion of fresh meat
  • New types of meat – fish, beef, fish, beef, turkey, chicken, venison, lamb or rabbit
  • Grain free recipe (granules without cereals)
  • Herbs Vitality Complex (nettle, chamomile, dandelion, lemon balm, linden) supporting digestion and body detoxification
  • Varied composition – different variants of fruits and vegetables
  • Complex of natural antioxidants

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